Industrias Javer

Industrias Javer, founded in 1985, has a long experience in the steel business. Originally Industrias Javer began supplying parts to the automotive  industry and, later, offer its professionalism to other sectors.

INDUSTRIAS JAVER uses the last technology in machining to develop parts and applications for any market, as the automotive, the renewable energy, building, furniture, and domestic appliances.

Flexibility and versatility are the corporate values. This has been possible thanks to the innovation and quality, very important assets in Javer.

Products and services

The machining industry requires a constant investment in production means and technology in order to have the best answer for every project.

Javer has understood the specialization required by the customers and became an innovative machining factory, specialized in processes and not in sectors. Javer’s products are diversified and are addresses to a number of sectors.


A large group of one or two headed CNC machines, milling centres, threading, cutting, inside hexagons, riveting, etc allow Javer to  offer a high degree of accuracy. Javer has also transfer machines with a high level of automation which reduce the risk of human error.